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i don buy the arguement that shorter college can do whatever it wants because it serves as a through for federal aid

the government and conservative groups defend abstinence as the only strategy guaranteed to protect a youth from unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease

get educated on this topic before you flippently state about time casual sex for young women is a lot more detrimental to their health and welfare then i ever knew

some of these mosques resound to an interpretation of the faith that is a product of the city's particular immigrant history

the title refers to the ostracizing of amish who rebel against the sect's strictures has sold more than 1 million copies

that is why thecatholic diocese of raleighrequires couples to fill out an extensive questionnaire as a part their premarital counseling course

the backers of louisiana's covenant marriage law hoped they were sending a message to the rest of the country when they pushed their bill through to passage in 1997

i have done a lot of research and had conversation with a lot of my married and bachelor friends on

announced that the clinic has received a grant from the allergan foundation to support the urgent care for disadvantaged women's program

the roman catholic leader says that there is a basic morality that transcends all eras and cultures and absolutely forbids certain actions

to attempt to give oneself bodily in sexual intercourse before there is a permanent commitment of marriage undercuts the very meaning of sexuality and the body

an african courtship custom is for young girls to send a beaded bracelet of different colors to the boy of her choice

as a result of the highly unequal gender equation and patriarchal family structures the young bride are left with few choices and little control over their own bodies

a british woman who told police she had been raped was charged with having premarital sex with her boyfriend instead

people who are either formally or informally engaged andthose who plan to spend the rest of their lives together do not have an increased risk of divorce

in which american sam harris casually states that raising children to believe they are members of a religious group is a

she is aware she sins and doesn't claim any hoity toityness she does not believe that because i am an evil sinnerman that she should avoid me obviously

my question is how does equitable distribution apply to a case such asthis is not a simple question for me

our research showed that relationship happiness or downfall starts and ends with the precise manner in which couples discuss issues and handle conflicts

which may explain his reaction to trash talk from kevin garnett during a new york knicks boston celtics basketball game monday night at madison square garden

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