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depression or other general psychological or emotional problems are seen by these students as the main reasons why their peers tried to kill themselves

the market becomes a sensory feast that lures tourists willing to endure a rattling bus ride on hairpin curves through the mountains of western guatemala

in the lawsuit said they would comply with an injunction that prohibits them from forcing their daughter to end her pregnancy

which recently dismissed davies from the cougars ncaa tournament bound basketball team for violating the school's honor code by admitting having premarital sex

the additional duty of an individual practicing sikhism is to be readily available to fight for a good or righteous cause

i think it will do more harm than good to force them to be unwilling fathers through the legality of marriage

he might find the shadow side of a myth to be even more potent and revealing than the popular and all too easy standardized version

about a dozen posey county pastors are expected to sign on with the group in a ceremony today at the posey county 4 h fair

it is a measure of the silence that some asked us not to print their real names to protect their privacy

sexuality is then experienced as a vulnerable perversion which people must protect against abuse by others and also by themselves

in order to invalidate a premarital agreement a person must prove every element of the statute by clear and convincing evidence

g d has told us to dress modestly and i believe he has set forth the standard of that that means do not dress provacatively

but sooner or later they realize that dirty socks left on the floor and bounced checks are more of a reality

interjecting nudism into conversations and educating people on what it is about can help change culture one mind at a time

do we really want a vp who has to put country ahead of her handicapped baby as would be required of any vp

the national marriage project is a research institute that tracks social indicators related to marriage an area of study its directors contend is frequently overlooked

the survey found that on the one hand they had sex earlier but on the other it was in a stable relationship

for years they have been only advancing in looks and at the level they are now i just don think there much to improve on that aspect these days

birmingham area resident david upton flew his company helicopter and ferried away nearly a dozen people stranded in their cars and in medical need

this is much more acceptable today than it used to be so you likely won have to cope with the shame and blame those who came before you did

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