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the council said monday night that the city staff should first review a 1989 development agreement to make sure the landowner is fulfilling all responsibilities

you are thrown completely off balance because someone you have bonded to so closely and whom you have trusted so completely has acted in a way that was totally unexpected

suggesting that while catholics accept the rights of same sex couples to be together there may be resistance to couples joined in what many see as a sacred rite

would that the young black and latino men killed on the streets of hartford and new haven received even a fraction of the attention this case has engendered

supreme court held that the federal defense of marriage act was an unconstitutional violation of due process and equal protection

are making movies that could see wider release as distributors pay attention to the box office trends in the traditional bible belt and beyond

i agreed that some types of abortion should be made available to the public though i still personally oppose them ie

i was shocked to read the observations of the honourable judges of the supreme court of india endorsing the views of actor kushboo on the issue of pre marital sex

could it be that both of you simply need to restrain your temper a little more and learn how to settle matters more peacefully

architecture and natural beauty that we just don t get to see in the usual course of our busy lives when we usually travel by car or public transport

those teens who remain pure are more free to develop healthy friendships because they don't have to play any kind of dating game

berkman wants to show a different image from the narcissistic and criminal examples that often make headlines on the sports pages of america

let's try not to let the double standard continue to be our benchmark for women's abilities to lead a nation

the three judge court of appeal panel in san francisco said a solano county judge erred in ruling that the woman's agreement to live with her lover

admitted a failure to live up to the honor code and has been axed from the team for the remainder of the season

i couldn tell you how he feels because god is too complex for a simple human like me to even begin to comprehend

asked by mr danos if the state of ms rahimzadegan's remains meant he could not rule out death by natural causes

it is much wiser to wait and experience that person and have that person experience you for the first time without expectation of things that were before

china has sent home four of its ping pong players because officials felt their preparation for the 2004 olympics was compromised by

to africa as he arrived in cameroon today at the start of his first visit to the world's poorest continent as pontiff

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