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interjecting nudism into conversations and educating people on what it is about can help change culture one mind at a time

and more controversy beckons with the pageant featuring a section in which the participants are required to wear a swimsuit

was the word these women used trying to understand and offer feedback on how a school district proposes to teach kids

the courts take a dim view of parents who behave in a manner considered harmful to their children's best interests

peninsula licensed clinical social worker michael huppert has about 35 years experience counseling couples and works with those in heterosexual or gay relationships

477 girls under the age of 15 32 were younger than 10 went for premarital hiv screening mandatory for all malay muslims

a prenuptial agreement is a contract signed by two people before marriage to ensure that all assets and liabilities are distributed fairly

plus a couple of special education teachers and other brains y types who are probably there to be disapproving of everyone else

a social worker can to provide information to teenagers and their families on the type of sex education and hiv programs available for them to attend within their community

astra's mother leslie was advanced enough in her scientology career to move to los angeles where she placed her girl in a cadet org school

a tennis buddy asks casually of his doubles partners if any of us could hook his son up with a job

when health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius affirmed a rule that will require health insurers to offer contraception and sterilization services in policies

the committee voted in favor of the reproductive health policy in an effort to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy

i believe that it was important that we watched tv and movies together that brought up sexual issues and then we discussed them

the final one a standing room only setting in a 63 52 loss to rockford east in the class 3a sycamore sectional championship game friday

one of her researches indicated that the percentage of people having premarital sex in beijing has jumped from under 16 in 1989 to over 60 in 2004

the gop elite's championing of the plan showed how the party had moved from the bush era to the tea party era

more universal and easy to be a part ofhad a major impact on john wesley founded methodist religioncatholic piety big push to

thousands of newly commissioned academy graduates have rolled through the chapel one after another to get hitched in ceremonies sometimes only a half hour apart

the worst is the couple that tied the knot in the middle of the year and didn't adjust their taxes from single to married

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