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a banquet hall can support around five hundred people and offers the area required for all of the regular wedding ceremony activities which include dancing

there was the pragmatic ceo who considers every angle of an issue before making a decision or answering a question

according to a new study that shows people who don have a spouse or partner in midlife have a higher incidence of premature death than those who do

is republicans' ability to portray the pre obama health care system as far superior to the nation's new health insurance

did not see one reference to the extreme importance of not getting pregnant unless the baby will be cared for in the womb

most in the west do not expect to marry a virgin especially if she is in her late 20 on the contrary

one of our big issues is we've come to a place we feel we are as valuable as we are attractive

and by followers of the deoband school in south east asia and the moderate groups within the jamaat e islami in indonesai and the rest of east asia

opening up about the struggle they've had with their sexual identity at a school cited as one of the most difficult places for lgbt populations

they carried flaws that didn't overwhelm their abilities but did undermine them and made their lives more difficult than they needed to be

right now about 30 percent of the nation's welfare recipients work an average of 10 to 15 hours a week

who received a massive boost to her profile in the lucrative american market after appearing on the american version of dancing with the stars last week

off again girlfriend passed out and was enraged the next morning when she learned she and smith had had sex

nissan motor gb limited selected the 30 technicians with the highest grades in the country to enjoy a day in the driver's seat at bruntingthorpe racetrack

james dobson and the social conservatives would have been nearly so generous in their comments if obama or biden had a 17 year old daughter who was pregant

brutally killing hookers and stabbing people to death by pressing buttons on a chunk of plastic or running around getting melanoma

they both tossed every dollar into their collective pot for every dollar of hers there were six of his and now she wants more

up to 76 per cent respondents did not discuss sexual matters with their family and the number of people willing to consult a sex therapist

the expenses of both the parents and the child or children are taken into consideration in calculating child support in california

hitchens devotes a chapter to hacking away at eastern religions pointing out that it was hindu tamils on sri lanka who

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