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federal lawyers maintain that tax laws relating to congregations are designed for communities have no belongings of their own and work for a common purpose

shooting the guard outside double t's apartment before and after he gives the warning cutscene results in a kill rather than a knockout

virginity pledging teens were considerably more conservative in their overall sexual behaviors than teens in general a fact that many media reports have missed cold

the man had signed in the birth report of his second child and given his consent for a caesarean section for its birth

last month the college's board of trustees updated its policies to require future and current employees to sign a personal lifestyle statement that included

including santana and crosby stills and nash both of whom could look back to the 1969 festival as a launching pad for the legendary careers that followed

but the junta changed after aids gained a major foothold in burma because of poor health care and striking ignorance about reproduction

it is reasonable to test the fetus for the presence of the paternal abcc8 mutation because this will differentiate between a fetus with a 1

it's modeled after a highly successful similar campaign conducted in atlanta earlier this year by georgia right to life and the radiance foundation

people of all philosophies to stand up against this real violation of a fundamental principle that is part of the american experiment and identity

i have compiled a wedding timeline that really helped me to stay on top of everything that needed to be done when i was planning my own wedding

the suggestion that tracy may have had a one night stand with macaulay indicates her flailing moral character an idea reinforced by the fact that she has been divorced

cliffs strategy is to continually achieve greater scale and diversification in the mining industry through a focus on serving the world largest and fastest growing steel markets

more than 18 per cent women respondents in the survey say they have sex every day as opposed to only 8 per cent in 2003

so great is the margin by which one actual person's right to liberty outweighs whatever right to life even a hundred thousand potential people have

let me say that there is no new testament scriptural commands that directly address the issue your family is facing

spontaneous celebrations broke out throughout many neighborhoods in new york city when the new york state senate voted for same sex marriage

the resolution would have called on the baptist women's missionary union to refrain from renting to non christian religious groups the camp it operates in harford county

smashing through one of the final frontiers in us sports with a frank personal statement and winning warm praise as a groundbreaker

several recent developments demonstrate how some american roman catholics' personal convictions on family related questions are putting them at loggerheads with their church

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