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as i subsequently discovered that most women today have absolutely no wish to be abstinent and will shun the man who does

found the rate among girls aged below sixteen to be six times higher than that for women aged twenty to twenty four

a discussion of exaggerated higher status identity at oxford university edward croft duttonabstractthis article will examine student activities at oxford university

a good marriage counselor should be a good source for the partners to learn techniques to make their relationship improve

whereas lifetime alimony is common in nj the neighboring states have limits of one third to one half the years of marriage

they resulted in a storm of outrage from the public and players and even prompted president barack obama to comment on what he called sterling's

when their car crashed and flipped over as they were fleeing police officers who fired shots when the suspects allegedly tried to run them over

there are no prohibitions in bju student handbook against watching tv off campus on campus tv viewing is not allowed

you have countless opportunities to organize social activities for making new friends out of people you so far know only a little

getting married and starting a new family together may be just two of the greatest achievements and opportunities you will ever encounter in your life

please understand that the ban on gay teens and gay men has absolutely nothing to do with sexual abuse as some imply

room service tidies up every day but if you'd like your sheets changed out be sure to hang the sign indicator in the outside of your door

summer courses will offer a way for our students to jump start a degree program or catch up on their required coursework

byu senior forward logan magnusson scored 10 points and grabbed 7 rebounds in byu's opening ncaa tournament win over wofford

this question gets most people fantasizing about leaving the day to day rat race and taking control of their own destinies

many couples see the need for change but aren't in a position to make the changes they believe they need to make

both me and my girlfriend are jobless now and what we have is some savings we had from our working days

one donor admitted in an interview thursday that she was a straw donor for both boren and state auditor and inspector jeff mcmahan

it has meant that casey laub is able to get his asthma medications and they have essentially found a new medical home

to me that would be like buying a house but only looking at the outside of it and never venturing inside before i paid for it

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