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jeffress says he usually talks about homosexuality within bigger context of god plan for sex between one man and one woman in a lifetime relationship called marriage

living with other people can be hard because everyone in an apartment or dorm has been raised has a different definition of the word

will force those who want to pay for maternity coverage and bring life into the world to also pay coverage for a procedure that brings death to a child

most states require legal residence within the state for 6 months to be able to file for divorce in the state some may be shorter or longer

movie subscription channel but that can be eliminated from the console control box when a household subscribes to the system if they so wish

the gop has abandoned their conservative philosophy that once was a valuable part of our national gestalt for things far less worthwhile

200 per hour is going through a litigated divorce that is being dragged out over a one year period of time modest amount of time in reality

lawyer saysjustice asked bonds' lawyer to justify having sun bonds sign the agreement en route to catch a plane to las vegas

most of the long term consequences of sexual activity can be described but not understood until they are experienced by which time

this particular case is unusual because there's this fear that they might not release her information and they are demanding payback

but advocacy group president erin freund tells the depaulia that her group is also asked to talk about abstinence and practices that conform to catholic values

24 this form of mandatory premarital thalassaemia screening also began in the gaza strip in 20009 and in saudi arabia in 2003

opposing an effective vaccine that would save hundreds of thousands of women's lives with the vacuous assertion that it would lead to promiscuity is inexcusable

for the most part i have decided to ignore you both since you have nothing to offer but stupid remarks and because you are both beyond redemption or education

jesus christ should be the rock on which we build our marriages but he can be the rock if boyfriend doesn even believe in him

as a result of the highly unequal gender equation and patriarchal family structures the young bride are left with few choices and little control over their own bodies

i encourage couples to think about more than their fabulous wedding to think about how they are going to be as a couple

with the ball spinning sharply and the smoke from the wreckage of england first innings still lingering in the nostrils

1 and that every individual life has in common the fact that it is a series of passages from one age to another and from one occupation to another

so what if i told jamie foxx and his radio crew that i slept with all three of my former husbands on the first date

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