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how can i make my son understand that this child is his responsibility and he needs to step up and be a dad

the charge was sex outside marriage illegal in the united arab emirates and across nearly all the muslim world and the magistrate offered an option

but wacker said he is deeply thankful and dependent on his faith to get him through the challenges of seeing so much heartbreak and pain

she was one of the most charismatic first ladies and will be sorely missed as a campaigner against substance abuse and breast cancer

it is a time to move toward them as if what they are experiencing the most important thing to you in the world

there have been times where michelle and i have been sitting around the dinner table and we're talking about their friends and their parents and malia and sasha

but what no one really knows is my story true story deception and disappointment that began that night i lied to my mother and went camping in point mackenzie

00 pdt los angeles lawyers for and his ex wife were subjected to a barrage of tough questions from california justices yesterday over a premarital agreement in which sun bonds

is the revolutionary situation in the church it is nothing less that has been developing since the second vatican council

i spot a story in the paper about a high school student in texas who asked his teacher why someone as smart and successful as johnson led that ''lifestyle

to permit the plan b drug sponsor to make plan b available to women 17 and older without a prescription

we showed banks the pro forma of the kind of house we are getting but we get turn down everywhere

wuhan's proposed rule would be the first time that bearing a child when unmarried has been spelled out as a separate offence

many americans had begun to discuss the problems faced by young people particularly women as they pass through adolescence as

and the two old love birds will keep infecting each other as long as one of them is a shameless cheat

the dowry or the mahr can be paid before or after the marriage and with the failure of the payment of dowry the muslim marriage becomes invalidated

when health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius affirmed a rule that will require health insurers to offer contraception and sterilization services in policies

a good skill in communication and the success of using communication techniques are keys to ensure the success of your career adv

mormon women all look like they came from a photo shoot as opposed to mormon men who look like they came from a dungeons and dragons guild meeting

51pc favour female priests and 65pc said abortions should be allowed 8pc in all cases and 57pc in some cases

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