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the bishop of rome is the center and unifier of the episcopacy the collective of the bishops as was the apostle peter for the collective of the apostles

in the case of byu the ends simply winning ball games do not justify the means overlooking the development of the student and values

which include any homosexual activity and sexual intercourse with one who is not my spouse through traditional marriage of one man and one woman

000 young mormons go on two year missions to third world countries around the globe to help feed the poor and teach people about mormonism

the debts are from old loans like merklein and more recent ones that older americans take to go back to school or pay for college for their kids

those who engaged in sex before marriage are more than twice as likely to have extramarital affairs as those who did not have premarital sex

us president barack obama and first lady michelle obama drink guinness beer as they meet with local residents at ollie hayes pub in moneygall

she doesn want to live in a fishbowl and she doesn want to be criticized for every move she makes

in many countries there's no law that states that you are required to hold a marriage certificate to be accepted as a couple

the researchers concluded that additional studies are necessary to determine the optimal duration and best types of exercise for people with depression

andy pederson made 3 saves in the first half for the whip purs and cesear esparza stopped 2 shots in the second half

the blows to dubai's image from the dalelv case are cautionary tales for gulf states trying to project a western friendly aura

engaging in sexual relations usually complicates the relationship as a whole because the foundation of the relationship is determined by sexual behaviors

emotional stress and strain that they have to withstand for a fairly long period before the dust of the war settles down

if you live in a town or city especially in a heavy populated area where there are side walks considered a bad location

openly gay men are in fact less likely to be pedophiles than heterosexually married men please see the apa web site among others

at least one of his parents or legal guardians must be present when the couple applies for a marriage license

and it could be argued that a person who goes against the common morals is a poor judge of appropriate behavior and therefore

waving the carrot of democracy with one hand while waving a big stick with the other hand if islamic values prevail

''if the definition of being a good catholic means that one lives in perfect harmony with all the moral teachings of the church

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