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he's ultimately winning a judgment against himself because his wife shelly sterling has agreed to indemnify the nba against all lawsuits

as a child of divorce i can see why some folk are worried about the 1 in 2 failed marriages statistic

the teenager who got pregnant right before her mother was asked to run for vice president on the gop ticket with senator john mccain

maybe this was a behavior that your so had all along and you simply did not notice because love is blind

lying star witness for the government who is trading his testimony against the mcdonnells for a guarantee against prosecution for wrongdoing

the long run trends on entry into marriage clearly show that less educated adults have become less likely to ever get married

he was 5 of 19 from the floor at one point before driving repeatedly to the hole in the second half

he is dedicated to strengthening families and is passionate about casting a vision for a regional and national marriage movement

the dalai lama also is scheduled to deliver the annual lecture in memory of the late stanford law school professor harry rathbun on thursday in stanford memorial church

5 generationsextended families are rare in europemarried late in 17th early 18th centuries 27 and upor nevertransmit self reliance

this stems from the lefts insistence that premarital sex for teenagers is acceptable they even call fourteen year old girls

the catholic university of america cua this summer revised its student rules to clarify that the school condemns sexual assault more strongly than consensual sex

permanently earning himself another place in history as somebody you never want to get in an argument with about anything

healthy hdl cholesterol hustles lousy ldl to the liver for disposal before it can plant itself like barnacles on your arteries

why not look upon this as giving your children the benefit of your experience in an attempt to keep them from making the same mistakes as you

the knoxville republican's bill sets up a procedure for a man to end child support payments after learning he is not the father of the child in question

the evidence suggests that premarital cohabitation has little impact one way or the other on the chances of any subsequent marriage surviving

this has resulted in the reduction in the incidence of genetic disorder that are so common in the regional arab populations

have claimed that those who live together before marriage report having less satisfying marriages and have a higher chance of separating

the lovely chapel with original stained glass windows can and does host weddings that are planned weeks or months in advance

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