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very few of the couples marrying in those states have selected a covenant agreement rather than standard marriage in the eyes of the state just 2 percent in louisiana

the prayer that these judicial tyrants banned in all their mindless and unconstitutional wisdom was about as inoffensive as you can get

it didn't take him long to realize that cleaner hands were to be had and more money was to be made selling the things instead of repairing them

the one who's taking these criticisms becomes conditioned to accept more and more abuse while experiencing more feelings of self doubt

but point to the possibility that some irreducible portion of the teenage population can never be dissuaded from having sex

i see no justification for anyone to stand on the sideline and yell foul because davies was dismissed from the basketball team

my bd and i have been together for almost two years we just had our squishy a week and a half ago

as its participants engage in a sort of premarital trial by combat in which the prize is a bland and

became the first person to be sentenced to death by a sharia court in sokoto state since it adopted the strict muslim legal code last year

killing the hyron drone with the trauma kit in rifleman bank station in the director's cut does not count against the pacifist achievement

the victim woman can approach a civil forum for remedy after producing necessary substantial evidence to grant her social status as wife

he speaks continually of doing the right thing for ontario families and that people will understand and accept how pure his motives are

back in the days when he was representing south florida and regaling anybody who would listen with his war stories

the genital sores it causes increase the risk of becoming infected with hiv when having sex with a partner who has the aids virus

but they also suffer stereotype ridicule by those who will never know the intimate reasons as to how and why

those who may have had tougher home lives are the most likely to say that they have had to grow up too fast

the debate reached new decibel levels when massachusetts' highest court ruled in november that same sex couples have a right to civil marriages

i think it's safe to presume that many of my 20 something friends are also a bit reticent that we're another year older

breaking news on his life and a look at all of the media frenzy surrounding the insanity of his life

complexity and brutality in the global political economy the past two decades have seen a sharp growth in the number of people

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