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the movie girl with the dragon tattoo didn release in indian theatres because the director refused to allow any cuts to the film

the first part of time focus on india the country with the highest concentration of young people in the world looked at sex education

another recent poll by the pew forum on religion and public life found that nearly 20 percent of adult americans now describe themselves as unaffiliated with any specific religion

pledge takers are less likely than other religious or conservative teens to use condoms or birth control when they do start having sex

this mostly applies in communities with cultures that expect men to have many premarital and extra marital affairs as proof of their masculinity

i was surprised by some of the findings in this hefty new book about american religion by political scientists robert putnam and david campbell

the reduced competition for money will encourage the kind of private investment that pays off in better productivity and healthy rather than hyped economic growth

there was one patient with an identified paternally inherited mutation who also had an unidentified mutation on the maternal allele

cleanflicks had pre emptively sued the directors guild precisely to seek a declaration that what it was doing was legal

more frequent would mean that a greater number of students who graduate from religious schools have abortions than people who graduate from public schools

the boat became an obsession of des's and he let the house turn into a pigsty as he spent all of his spare time on the boat

adultery is a violation of the marital contract and one of the major sins condemned by god in the qur'an

couples should use this opportunity to talk about their expectations regarding division of assets and finances which may be included in the agreement

supporters of american atheists have been collecting screenshots of the comments as they appear to preserve them for the record before fox news moderators remove them

and stress to whomever takes the role that you're not expecting perfection and won't get mad if something goes wrong

in your prenuptial agreement you'll set forth the details of how your property will be distributed upon divorce or death

there is no requirement that your spouse be added to the title nor is there a requirement that you change your name on the deed

new employees will have to sign it and existing employees will have to sign when their contracts are up for renewal

the accident occurred friday night at a crossing about two miles northeast of hutchinson and 40 miles northwest of wichita

you don't get the money to put in a bank account if it is a mortgage or deed of trust secured loan

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