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nowadays the rate of divorce as found by examining the are substantially on a peak thereby leaving a question in the minds of many

the amended proposal assuming committee approval will have to be read on the house floor three times on three different days before a vote is taken

i heard many kids speak against and even many adults say it our generation that going to revitalize the church

a recent poll by the public religion research institute and the berkley center at georgetown university found millennials to be less religiously affiliated than their parents

several recent developments demonstrate how some american roman catholics' personal convictions on family related questions are putting them at loggerheads with their church

i am also keenly aware of the sensitivity of these themes in the wake of so many despicable acts of violence perpetrated in the name of liberation

said that i can tell you from my experience that sex before marriage will ultimately damage your sexual relationship with the one you do eventually marry

teri james says her supervisor at san diego christian college called her to her office and got straight to the point

a lot of the commitment to the philippine girl's religion has a lot to do with the way that premarital sex is viewed

it removes the three day waiting period for a marriage license and erases the requirement that the bride and groom each undergo a premarital blood test for syphilis

now what i fail to understand is how having multiple sex partners and one night stands help one gain individuality and a bold character

you would probably find that your child is not interested in any of the above at a young age and everything is completely innocent

as it continued the current phase of its consideration of china's compliance with the convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women

the inherent sadness in two lonely sisters in laws exploring each other's bodies as a means self expression was the high point of fire

most of the long term consequences of sexual activity can be described but not understood until they are experienced by which time

people from 19 churches are participating in the peaceful protest and vigil outside the offices of planned parenthood in thousand oaks

expecting her to freak out she even brings a note from her doctor confirming that she did not have premarital sex

when the vancouver sun broke the news that the canadian council of law deans rejected twu's proposal to open canada's first private christian law school

he is looking at all the reasons why you are not worthy instead of all the reasons why you are

but it does cohesively describe the moment in young adulthood when wild promise starts to give way to more realistic expectations

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