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paid for by their taxes also and they have as much right to pray out loud as you have to not pray out loud

it is very clear that our model of having sex and love with just one other person for life has failed and it has failed massively

it must be a shock to their system when they get a little older to discover that no one wants them on their arm or at their party anymore

i would also suggest that when the lawmakers look at this problem they also consider adding new penalties for those who operate their cars without license or insurance

i will teach my children that it is best to wait until marriage because of the emotional and physical responsibilities that come with sex

that is why i am so distressed that the same network would not air last year ad to express one religious denomination welcoming of gay and lesbian people

pastor everett said those comments are just the views of a few and do not change how pastors run their churches

it is taken for granted that women have to make babies and take care of the family the only roles traditionally assigned to them

charged with assault and dangerous drivingjustin bieber faces assault and dangerous driving charges after he was arrested in canada last week

the issue could not be revisited by the board unless a new motion was put forward by one of the trustees who initially voted against it

local organizer pastor bryan longworth explained the aim of the tour is to raise awareness of the ugly side of abortion

opponents said the bill was so loosely written that it would permit men to legally enter women rest rooms and other private spaces where they are not currently allowed

is only one aspect of an enhanced evangelical drive that proponents believe is halting the exodus from the church of rome

demonstrators are angry with bain capital plans to move to china 165 jobs from the sensata technologies plant in freeport

los obispos estn enfrentados en este ao electoral con el gobierno de barack obama por la financiacin del control de natalidad

studies have also shown that people who come from divorced homes are more prone to divorce as for them the concept of divorce is not at all a big deal

prayer is our time with god when we can tell him our most intimate thoughts since he knows them anyway

towns like greenwich became high income suburbs and now have the headquarters of major industrial and financial firms whose ceo's live nearby

we teach our kids that having structure and routine is sometimes a good thing and sometimes it's good to

just like how nobody gives it to goalie peter mannino for not having a cold one or 20 after a series

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