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local dumbfuck on jumbotron waits until last damn second to wavehouston all those in attendance at thursday night game between the oakland athletics and the houston astros

we better be on a very great space for us not to get married for me to continue the relationship

susan has to determine whether the voice of god in the sessions is really god's or her image of god

that said our family we chose life and had all four of our kids and wouldn take anything for any of them

the obligatory screening and counseling for thalassemia in cyprus is one of the most successful public health programs but it violates all existing ethical norms

she read lines in my right palm and crossed out letters of our names once but told me nothing of what she

the only light shone around his tiny face and i was in deep gratitude for the gift of his precious life

contend that it is this type of opposing characteristics that actually makes our marriage not just work but keeps it strong

wilson said the purity ball is just as much about the father figure's relationship with his daughter as it is the commitment to avoid premarital sex

you can protect your child from exposure to embarrassing advertizing without trying to prevent legitimate health industry products from being advertized

compare this to civil law where cases last years and so much time is devoted to the finer points of civil procedure

when my boyfriend wanted me to move with him i told him that i would need an official commitment to make that happen

presidential counsel fred fielding said bush had made a reasonable attempt at compromise but congress forced the confrontation by issuing subpoenas

separate but still living in the same house my husband and i have been growing apart for 4 years and neither one of us can afford a divorce

this is a question i end with at the conclusion of my first premarital counseling session with couples who are not members of my church

hopes her love for art and the ocean will brighten the days of kids who are traveling the same road she did

anyone who is now saying that somehow we should judging ministers by the actions of their relatives that's just totally and utterly ridiculous

mario cuomo argued for the right of public officials to carry out their duties without undue pressure from their church

have charged that we don't know how to help more couples to build lifelong marriages or to reduce the likelihood that half of new marriages will end in divorce

i understood that there was a reward of five hundred dollars offered to any one who would take me over the river to the kentucky side

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