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arguing is healthy for a relationship because it means that both are able to reciprocate to the current events that are happening in their world

is their faith in god and lifelong commitment to each other any less because they cannot read vows in front of a priest

a larger percentage of respondents 51 per cent against 44 per cent felt that men do not have to preserve their chastity till they reach the marriage bed

the leaders of the opposition say they are ready to sign a framework agreement to resume the dialogue and accept the initiative offered by the president

the main purpose is to safeguard the economic status of the muslim women in case of any unto do incidents

unpacking those doubts helped moir smith deal with her own case of cold feet before getting married in 2002 and prompted her to focus her practice on counselling other brides

which might qualify as the most significant activity he's done on a valentine's day since he exchanged cards with his grade school classmates at st

the subsequent widespread adoption of tay sachs carrier screening resulted in a significant drop in this disease among the ashkenazi jewish population

but the story of the mohel brings up an aspect of the atheist argument that is even more enraging for believers

one walks away with lasting thoughts about the topics that are covered and a genuine care for the characters as an extension of their own family

so is this more that they're projecting ahead to what they think their lives might be like in the future

new york ap evelyn lozada is ending her 41 day old marriage to chad johnson after the football star was arrested for allegedly head butting her over the weekend

if a woman got pregnant by a person other than the person her father chose for her in the interests of family wealth and heir production

sharp's husband graduated from west point in 1951 and retired from the service as the deputy commandant at west point

an alpha male knows that the clothes make the man and while he would never be overly concerned about trivial things like fashion

the huron superior catholic district school board decided unanimously last week to delay the program in its schools until it receives more information from the ministry of health

in no way deal with your partner regarding their own cheating if you don't possess strong evidence of their own infidelity

casey and melissa laub never expected to be without the safety net of health insurance but that's what happened about five years ago when

music business classes in the jazz studies program at the university of central florida used to involve imaginary scenarios of touring and recording projects

debate about the effects of tv on children and adults has been going on since the first tv screen flickered to life

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