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my thought is that marriage has more to do with our intentions before god to be joined as one flesh permanently and fornication has to do with not having that intention

that no one go to the point of harming and encroach upon the rights of his brother in this matter

the uproar also has touched off a deeper debate about sexual freedom in a nation that is trying to reshape its own modern morality

us president barack obama centre l inspects the guard of honour with britain prince philip centre r at buckingham palace in london

the espn commentator's comments only highlight the ongoing problem when it comes to marriage equality and other issues relating to the lgbt community

young ones who engage in premarital sex often behave similarly they seem to show little or no awareness that there are serious consequences to their actions

open ended interview was the most appropriate form because i was often asking them about deeply personal issues such as conversion

was the beginning of a pattern of harassment on the part of the bju administration in retaliation for his activism the previous semester

the lawsuit's plaintiffs said tuesday that they were unaware that hemet teachers planned to supplement the three abstinence based programs with other materials

i think there would be a lot more cheating if no one could try other sex partners out before they got married

at the time they were involved at boca west community united methodist church and felt god calling them to help others

he was all of 2 years old when he first grew fascinated with electronics by way of his nebraska grandmother's phonograph

the resultant public firestorm refocused the original gop intent and redirected the public discourse to blame storming and abandoning rational thought

it is crucial to illustrate and explain to parents and adolescents how education could be a vital factor in leading a safe and healthy life

some of the questions that need to be discussed during premarital counseling include to identifying the problem as a commitment issue

a huge college b ball fan barely commented on the davies suspension when i mentioned it other than to say hurting them the team

but many of his films were too sexual in nature to be released and not many are for sale anywhere

for the sake of expediency i am going to refer to all of these people as so significant others throughout this hub

day i say to myself i just wish i was never born because i would never harm anybody the way that i did

time to forget political posturing and focus on the evidence of gains from preventing unwanted pregnanciesover the past decade in the united states

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