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the more business savvy successful women there are the more unfulfilled a housewife or stay at home mom feels as society downplays her role

comes a week after a study by the world health organization and the guttmacher institute determined that in areas of the world where contraception was more widely available

another issue with extended families is the large number of college graduates who are unable to find employment once they get their degree

she famously told cbs' 60 minutes that if she were younger she'd probably try marijuana and said that she

which mixes the practicality of the touring with the sportiness of the saloon but the bulbous rear might be a stumbling block for some

i don believe they have ever done something that has done more harm than if they had never been there

firstly the christian principle is that all the commandments and laws are for the christians to obey these were written centuries ago

000 a year to manage the couple's life after she won the role of dr neela rasgotra on the nbc show in 2003

indicates that catholics in the united states today are actually more liberal than the non catholic population on a number of moral issues

researcher terry orbuch told the wall street journal that she believes that many wives eventually view their in laws' input as meddlesome

practicing catholics upset by the president's distribution of health care funds because it conflicts with their beliefs are religiously honorable but governmentally wrong

please take this letter as a reasonable projection of how your marriage might feel 25 years from now and banish all thoughts of inevitability

now that testing has worsened the cover your ass mentality where everyone is on the same page and educational malpractice is thus mandated

he further instructed that the husband is to love his wife as christ loved the church and sacrificed himself for her

there are christians who maintain a heteronormative position and believe that being gay is a sin but are not opposed to states recognizing their marriages

studies have indicated that living together before marriage leads to greater risk of marital discord and higher rates of divorce

served as a site where primarily white working women could assert some autonomy over their physical body along with their social and sexual lives

a walk through almost any chinese park on a summer day will reveal embracing chinese couples on park benches and sometimes behind bushes

the sbhc's parental notification policy is consistent with best practices and in compliance with oregon's certification guidelines and minor consent laws

said the process it used to shut down dealerships last year dealer performance and market factors using data driven criteria and was applied to every dealer

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