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he said long mandatory terms have flooded the nation's prisons with low level drug offenders and diverted money away from crime fighting

the hope is that the promise of anonymity will encourage those most at risk of contracting the disease such as commercial sex workers

the public at large feels the social movement of the '60s as symbolized by the woodstock festival had both good and bad consequences for society

this certainly will certainly not hold well with philippine girls because they will think that sex is the number one priority with you

the purpose of the command to be fruitful is to point the bride to christ so that together they are fruitful

for me to openly condemn homosexuality theologically makes me no more a gay basher than i am a murderer basher or any other type basher

and a new federal mandate requiring coverage for contraceptive care which the catholic school doesn't support university president james towey said the decision was a

i feel that rather than being in the interests of the children that this was all political maneuvering to get control of the school board

college students in china are not aware about safe sex and over 40 percent of them say they learnt about sex by looking at porn websites or movies

nothing makes some people more of an expert on any subject that never even seeing a book about the subject

she had become a devout christian as a 12 year old after seeing a fundamentalist christian film called a distant thunder 1978

weingarten is a 6 foot 8 junior forward at la salle who didn't figure to be much of a factor this season

a survey this year by india today showed that more than 70 per cent of young people favoured arranged marriage

the madras high court passed a verdict that defines sexual relations between a man and woman of marriageable age as a 'valid wedding'

are you dragging yourselves to work to attend that important meeting you rather miss for another hour of sweet sleep

was have three weeks of the greatest event in the world to steal the attention away from the legal mumbo jumbo in the nfl

he has never done anything to compromise my trust for him so i trust him as much as my mind will allow

this will be viewed as necessary for societies that see the constraint of female sexuality as the necessary condition for continued propagation of the human race sanderson

a dedicated den mother who was forced out of her troop and who must explain to her sons why exactly their family isn welcome in the boy scouts of america

laurel began a long career in the foreign service department of state and the united states agency for international development

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