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none of the victims was in court and none of the parents who attended the sentencing addressed the judge or spoke outside the courtroom

but recent supreme court decisions indicate that the court will probably strike down state definition of marriage laws in the near future

she famously told cbs' 60 minutes that if she were younger she'd probably try marijuana and said that she

when we learn to base our understanding of relating to each other on god instructions and exemplify the love set forth in his word

he has the option to refuse and can contest the will and let the court decide to give him what he deserves

liu found that those who split at a younger age tended to have more health issues than those who divorced later in life

a recent survey from country financial shows that about half of couples don't talk about handling the family finances before marriage

for many years when women wrote poems of sex and love the expectation was that it had to be beautiful and meaningful

that doctrine relates to an indiana teacher's lawsuit against a catholic school and an archdiocese she says fired her for trying to get pregnant through in vitro fertilization

the difference now is that harry wilson rob estes is taking up the post as new principal at west beverly hills high

hormats concedes that haig was very impatient with people who had not thought things through or who shot from the hip

she and her husband began financial planning and shortly after all the documents were signed her husband died in freak accident at home

her parents gave her a ring on her 13th birthday as a symbol of their wish for her to refrain from sex until marriage

it lets prosecutors go after teachers or someone in a similar positions of power who have sexual relations with youths in their care

a catchall term that criminalized everything from premarital sex to dancing with members of the other sex and listening to western music

it's a 75 minute excuse to take every fetish on the planet imaginable and squeeze it onto a few panes of celluloid

but is he trying to keep the corinthian's from having sex or from doing something stupid like incest and idolatry

a new report shows that religiosity may play a role in a young woman decision on whether or not to have an abortion

would tell him that ''the administration is putting the small farm out of business'' because ''the big man wants the little man to work for him

when you approach your divorce with the dignity and respect you had for each other when you spoke your wedding vows

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