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the unwary future bride may find herself caught up in the toils of the vast wedding industry and all it entails from caterers

when 14 year old sue tried to kill herself she had none of the problems common to other teen agers who attempt suicide

none of which is to say that the work going on at gentle path does not help some people or that pathological sexual behavior does not exist

those who are meeting minimum school standards that qualify them to move up their grades can continue into middle and high school

tack center aisle runners that may have loosened so nobody trips and calm the nerves of ring bearers or flower girls getting stage fright

at some point i am going to get tired and have a heart attack or see a real pond in the distance and go there

coming of age in samoa is a book by american anthropologist margaret mead based upon her research and study of youth on the island of ta'u in the samoan islands

i recall a late night visit from a student friend with a bad case of the shakes insisted on selling me a

groups of young people started creating anti sexual harassment campaigns to raise awareness among their peers at universities and throughout cairo

busby said the federal government's interest in the importance of marriage has grown over the past 10 years because of marriage's impact on public policy

read about a respectable father's failed efforts to gain custody of his son from the child's mother who became a prostitute here

i could enjoy a temporary sort of fairy tale bond with him and not have to tear down the walls that i had put up to protect myself

the point of it is to have children and the people you want to have children with are the people you love

the camden family lives more by example rather than religiously going to church or to the bible for the answers to life's problems

i think its interesting how we also seem to assume that every person who calls himself a christian has the same set of values and beliefs

much of it has to do with issue areas where they don't actually even say that they take different points of view from one another

the court can require the paying party to increase the award to the point where the recipient no longer qualifies for public assistance

statistics show the number of people getting married in north carolina is almost as high as it was back in the 60s

they actually delay first time sexual encounters until 18 or later unlike the us where many sex ed classes are only where the average age is fourteen

the man had signed in the birth report of his second child and given his consent for a caesarean section for its birth

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