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this was and is more due to cultural matters than a cause of what is actually said in the bible

bilas was specifically referring to the committee including uab and virginia commonwealth in the tourney while leaving out quality teams like colorado

i understand this high school student is gay and has been working to increase tolerance and understanding of individuals who are gay

i would have to say that the cheating spouse's sin is worse because of a direct command from god with regard to marriage vows

they know in their tin hearts that casual sex doesn't make women happy that's why they feel the need to continually promote it

brand x doctors in quebec have been told not to perform virginity tests because they go against the profession's code of ethics

is republicans' ability to portray the pre obama health care system as far superior to the nation's new health insurance

the 2002 national survey of family growth found that more than half of all women aged 15 to 44 have lived with an unmarried partner

freedom of speech has just been curtailed by the supreme court of canada in its ruling supporting a silly and dangerous ruling by the saskatchewan human rights commission

and even if you can agree on the one true translation how will you be sure you picked the right one

but advocacy group president erin freund tells the depaulia that her group is also asked to talk about abstinence and practices that conform to catholic values

reflecting a choice to stay with their partner or to not remarry after divorce or the death of a spouse

orr also served in the previous bush and clinton administrations as a child welfare program specialist at the national center on child abuse and neglect

the roman catholic leader says that there is a basic morality that transcends all eras and cultures and absolutely forbids certain actions

admitting that she had told church leaders she was pregnant and that she was fired for a breach of contract

we have in plan to build business and real estate but we do not know which one to go first

feger division featuring colts and gelding is loaded with talent and will have a full field going to the post this afternoon

two men deeply in love hugging and kissing and a father who is all upset that his son is spending way too much time with another man

if the patient comes to the doctor and all sexually active women should to get a pap smear on a yearly basis

you will still be better off reaching out with an opportunity to connect than building a wall of resentment and silence

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