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many travel to faraway ports and spend their cash on prostitutes in areas with much higher rates of hiv infection

be down about your relationship status but embrace today knowing that sooner or later you will find someone who you want to be with for a week

but working with soon to be marrieds can be a challenge because they're in such a positive state of mind

a father was reported as to having killed his two daughters after they were seen at a restaurant with a couple of men

who received a massive boost to her profile in the lucrative american market after appearing on the american version of dancing with the stars last week

you notice every twitch and not be afraid they ask you what the heck you think you doing staring at them

and there's a religious question as to whether the rules of the church would prevent a clergyman from marrying two particular people

maybe god and other christians might consider allowing them homosexuals to possess the fraudulent hope that even they can be good christians too

divorce attorney who is getting rich on new jersey outdated and unfair alimony laws i rather be a divorce attorney than a judge in new jersey

given the observational nature of this study any apparent links between alcohol and death risk could be due to factors other than alcohol consumption

has implemented all sorts of marriage friendly policies and programs for the 600 employees at his 39 year old company's atlanta based headquarters

this degree of warming would make large swaths of the tropics uninhabitable by humans and cause most forests at low and middle latitudes to change to something else

while one day at my greek friend's house enjoying baklava and the next day i would taste fresh homemade egg rolls from my asian friend's mom

alfred demaris is professor of sociology and statistician for the center for family and demographic research at bowling green state university in bowling green

they have already gotten the impression that the only form of acceptable affection is that which is directed at them

whose much younger british wife tricia achieved 15 minutes of fame and almost four million youtube hits when she made a video rant about their marriage nearly three years ago

and cautioned sternly against premarital sex but she was at pains to guide those who seemed in need of professional help to consult accordingly

i was driving through the county on my job as a probation officer and almost drove off the road when i heard him

the sexual landscape of the 21st century looks vastly different than it did in earlier centuries when pregnancy was the primary concern of premarital sex

he believes the youth in africa have strayed from their faith in the lord and a strong devotion to their spouse

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