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are also some instances in which the behind the behavior is not even known to the person who is behaving in accordance with it

so i would not characterize that person as a christian because i don't think the bible would characterize them as a christian

while she wasn't quite the top of her class she never could curb her tongue entirely she was far from a disappointment

a possible reason for a low rate of corneal disease observed in this study might be related to the higher coverage of immunization

the genial ford was the perfect personality to occupy the oval office after the trauma of watergate and the resignation of richard nixon

i read with appreciation your column regarding the smart marriages conference and the importance of working to fix broken marriages for the benefit of children

how much control should i have over the care of my soon to be wife who refuses to take proper care of her own mental health

turner admits that the liminoid can be found in tribal societies and that the liminal can be found in industrial societies in the form of church and even academic rituals

the band is shooting for less radically different results in the recording studio where it has been cutting songs with rodgers

pultorak learned that the university had sent porter a letter of reprimand based on a complaint she had filed the previous april

this made des realise he was being stupid and he apologised but despite this and steph falling off the boat and hurting her ankle

both people were able to see they have some deep roots of resentment and bitterness towards one another that they were not willing and able to release yet

have a ton of respect for brigham young living its honor code and suspending its best rebounder and inside scorer for breaking the school's rules and admitting to premarital sex

the county durham born former toon manager and england boss died after a long battle with cancer five years ago on thursday

i suspect some believers will say children should be raised from the moment of their birth in a specific religious tradition

nuns and clergy from other denominations who are interested in getting a master's degree in public health and human sexuality

one of my biggest surprises was that more than 50 percent of couples questioned frequently change their positions and methods when making love

then the couples meet with tinsley to discuss the results in addition to receiving counseling from the minister who will perform the ceremony

stock markets slumped friday after european finance ministers said the greek government must take more steps to secure further aid

a computer disc containing photos of damon gregory wife posing near the vehicle surfaced at the franklin county sheriff office

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