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new york reuters veteran basketball player jason collins basked in support and declared himself as happy as he had ever been on tuesday

they will say that it is wrong to knowingly allow another to die when one could intervene and save that person

and a lot a hard training ultimately carried the stevenson girls water polo team to victory saturday afternoon in the palatine sectional finals

her lighted candle society is asking for donations to fund scientific studies to produce the evidence she told congress already existed

the priest cannot decide whether or not you should get married or refuse to do it because you are atheists

referred women to the new publication 'daughters in my kingdom' for examples of women who have found joy in their covenants

one such is an indian guy who went to law to seek divorce pleading that his wife declined to satiate his biological urges

it turns out that if you poll catholics globally not just the ones here and in europe you get a more complicated picture

this issue can be addressed in a prenuptial agreement by confirming that one party will provide spousal support to the other

they're meant for children who otherwise might get no education or ones tied up in a closet by nut cases

me and the so do a lot of online noodling and we'll check in with each other every 10 15 minutes

i think with your own money and your own account it's ok to blow it on vintage clothes on ebay if you want to

she said a couple of mothers she knows have told her that if they had to do it over again

is for their kids to be told that condoms cause cancer and that women get cervical cancer because of 'promiscuity

so i called my sil and asked if she would mind doing the pictures and the photographer would do just the ceremony for 200

marriage is considered a reward that men give women for being it provides women with legal rights to home and property for themselves and their children

planned parenthood executive director robyn menin recently took complaints about two anti abortion centers to the state attorney general after volunteers

ny 66amar'e stoudemire took aim friday at brigham young university and the suspension of basketball player brandon davies for a violation of the school honor code

a video will makes it difficult to contest because it shows the mental competency of the person and the proper signing of the will

and 2 consider whether the party satisfactorily completed participation in a parenting education program established pursuant to section 46b 69b

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