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not to be burdened with the possibility that when they seek emergency medical treatment or have to make decisions with regard to end of life

the erie school board stood by its decision to seek new anti bullying materials for use in grades k 4

established partnering programs put nearly as much effort into marketing themselves to partners and supporting those partners as they do their customers

i knew lots of people that let their grades slide during their freshman year of college and lost their scholarships

karnan passed the order on monday while modifying an april 2006 judgment of a coimbatore family court in a maintenance case involving a couple

he said how much more all dealers would benefit and how they could use the extra money to upgrade their facilities

isaac kaufmann funk and adam willis wagnalls put out the standard dictionary of the english language after a tailgate party in 1854

'game of thrones' won't feature bran stark and hodor in season 5hbo remastering 'the wire' for upcoming marathonit's been a rough couple of days for the palm springs police dept

why we would show pay to lock up roger clemens was one of those things that was really bothering me

the time has come for the veil of traditional values to be removed and the need of the hour addressed

any party in a couple that has a prenuptial agreement in place is confident that his or her assets would not be affected by the divorce

scholars need not rely solely on in depth interviews or social science surveys when grappling with some important aspects of sexual behavior

it is also important to evaluate the jurisdiction of the divorce in the context of what is being determined and may need to be enforced in the future

two others said there's too much emphasis on sexual activity and not enough on choices that reflect human dignity and respect

000 fine roughly 7 percent of his salary despite language in his contract emphatically specifying he immediately report any information received related to rules violation

something to be said when a state recognizes a marriage and the dignity that confers on a couple who is undergoing crisis moments

this is the version of the process that will provide the most value to the organization and to the end consumer

catcher in the rye broke new ground in literature because it broke so many conventions and challenged the conservative values of the late 1940's 1950s mainstream

it is allowing school nurses and health centers to give condoms next year to middle school and high school students

this impoverished nation of 10 million people on africa's west coast has shown how aids can be held at bay in places where the disease is a persistent

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