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maybe you'd like to think it's somehow a good thing that christianity and certain publishers of mutant bibles are trying to reach new audiences

an achievement that looked pure fantasy when they followed on 330 runs behind on a crumbling pitch on saturday afternoon

kelly clarkson was a royal for a day as the grand marshal of the krewe of endymion mardi gras parade in new orleans

the student body at haverford college failed to approve the school's 91 year old honor code in its annual vote on the issue

valley township plenty of amens and hallelujahs were emanating from the first calvary church of god in christ here one recent morning

it begins with the person telling what happened while the honor code officer types up a statement and then makes you sign it saying that everything is true

you can take your spouse back to court to enforce your decree and make him pay it off and have the lien removed

cutuli also admitted he may have transferred money to rupprecht in order to have the attorney hold those funds in the attorney's trust account

he is suggesting that most people are rude louts who don't know how to raise their children or behave properly in polite society

when rochelle decided without urging to get pregnant at a time she was having trouble getting her career in recreation therapy off the ground

parents must be notified about sex instructions offered by schools and and can keep their children out of that class if they chose

o tried to make a point that the words of church and state never appeared in the text of the constitution

half of the money goes to my husband when she dies from both trusts and half goes to the 2 nephews his sister

the church of jesus christ of latter day saints was also involved in the campaign against legalizing gay marriage in california and defends marriage as between a man and woman

while at chris' house warming party maxxie confronts both sketch and anwar about anwar's recent choice of style which disturbingly mirrors that of maxxie

jodi arias is set to go trial for the murder of travis alexander and according to prosecutors they plan to seek the death penalty

courtshipthe period of courtship in a relationship is not a period when you can turn the man or woman you want to marry into your own image and likeness

local dumbfuck on jumbotron waits until last damn second to wavehouston all those in attendance at thursday night game between the oakland athletics and the houston astros

the engineer said that had he known how aids was transmitted he believes he was infected during homosexual sex he would have been more cautious

those who do so far only a tiny percentage can divorce only after a mutually agreed upon two year separation or on grounds such as adultery

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