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it's becoming clearer to ordinary americans that the painful deceits of the past seven months are the result of something more basic

but what they actually value is the fantasy of a life that does not by any means exist nor will ever undeniably exist

more attacks are being reported to the police and this week a conference is being held in the city of ramle

paris hilton dust may be the ceo of the world largest membership organization times as big as the american automobile association

even in late december when everybody else is christmas shopping think carefully about buying insurance to pay off future estate tax bills

plus it will be something that you can look at on those lse days when you can't remember a single one of them

most of us don want to go back to middle age of overly conservative culture and i do find certain level of entertainment value here

the couple and counselor would have to file notice of the counseling with the probate judge or other official issuing the marriage license

maybe you'd like to think it's somehow a good thing that christianity and certain publishers of mutant bibles are trying to reach new audiences

do you know that the bible says that if you lust after another woman desiring to have sex with her

to assert that it good or evil implies that the level of goodness or lack thereof can somehow be measured directly from the act of having sex

said the schools are ''not in a position to provide individual education programs to students whose parents want us to omit communism

a group of high or middle school students might be an ideal audience for deterrence of participation in premarital sex

instead of simply punishing students teachers and administrators should counsel the students to understand why they continue to be a disruption

the couple replaced a crumbling service wing with a more modern one and commissioned murals from oliver carson for the dining room

the realities of working class life intruded women's situation in the labor force and family undercut their social freedom and treating underscored their material dependency

well let me tell you they only made abortion legal because all through history women were trying to make themselves have miscarriages so even if they made abortion illegal

but i believe the reason to tell your children about your bio parentage is so they will know both the cracked humanity and the beautiful fullness of your story

but most politicians and movie stars are too well briefed and wary to speak from the heart or the lack of it

you should make an honest and no holds barred inventory of the effect your partner's drinking is having on your life

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