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we applaud you for recognizing the importance of a woman's right to information that allows her to govern her body and make autonomous choices about her health

that virginity is still the standard for unmarried christians and that sex outside the context of marriage is still considered sin

new washington defensive coordinator travis wilcox has taken a unit ranked among the worst in the nation to one in the top 30

wlfi local people representing groups on both sides of the issue of hjr 3 spoke to news 18 about thursday senate decision to not make any amendments

going in for marriage counseling is a good idea when a couple honestly feels that they have some unresolved issues to work on

but african catholics say they don't want an african cardinal to be given special consideration for the papacy just because he is black

for illustration in the bad credit payday loans tony required to go climb the hill that a person has died on in the earlier

he would email me periodically but it didnt sound like him because in the emails he used rather large words and he is

hitchcock can transform what may seem like a mundane way to film a movie a window in a limited space in a single apartment room a work of suspenseful art

mr abbott says he's more likely to face questions about so called moral dilemmas than other politicians because his past includes three years training to be a priest

but they left as befuddled as ever by an america that arguably likes their issues but not always the party

if any party to the agreement waives some right to which they're entitled as a divorced spouse under state law

shumate admitted that she's been told by higher ups that she wouldn't be fired for publicly supporting homosexuality only reprimanded

me or anybody else happens to think the code of conduct at brigham young university is out of date or unfair

the same book was limited that year to fifth through 8th graders who had written parental permission in the zeeland

his unconditional perfect love for his bride compelled him to offer his life as perfect sacrifice for her so that their relationship could be restored

kurey graduated summa cum laude with a degree in music and was chosen commencement speaker for the class of 1996

you would go crazy thinking the consequences of mental health of you or your near and dear ones getting detiorated over something

but the faithful still stood in the rain or arose in the dark of the early morning just for a chance to see him

more and more young adults are living with their parents and even those who live on their own are still financially dependent on their parents

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