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said that middle class people may not be able to fathom the cultural differences that lead to the seemingly illogical decision to have a baby when one is poor

said the education requirement could act as a speed bump to slow down a divorce that would affect at least one minor child

he told me that he doesn't want to be in the committed relationship but he is trying to get there as he claims that he always had issues with committing

the imbalance of power between women and men in gender relations curtails women's sexual autonomy and expands male sexual freedom

indulge your sweet tooth help out the ywcaindulge your sweet tooth help out the ywcayou can indulge your sweet tooth and help out a great cause on thursday

one fundamental factor that is common throughout the various belief systems is that they have provided us with definite beings

or you can skip them as long as you start day 1 of a new pack on the right day every 28 days

the local representatives of the roman catholic church argue that church officials were well within their rights to terminate the female employees because

the changing role of the running back offers some insight as to why the miami dolphins opted to sign knowshon moreno from denver

because i've known a number of women over the years who have found themselves in similar or even worse situations

the most serious objections to this bill has come from the catholic church without realizing that the rapid growth in population exacerbates the poverty among its people

such as a song composed by the rock band pink floyd and from a reference in the rapper coolio's

belmar detective mark walsifer said he found a cell phone in the cushions of the sofa after investigators had already searched the spot

amy rodriguez and megan rapinoe scored first half goals and abby wambach returned from a heel injury as the us defeated japan

it is important to allow your children to be themselves and not try to fit them into a particular mold

he has developed a healthy following of couples from all over poland who seek his advice on matters ranging from god approved birth control to the morality of oral sex

if your wife likes getting flowers and cards then do not use the opportunity of making amends be the only time you do this

o'donnell said when asked by cnn anchor wolf blitzer why she had opened a recent television ad by declaring

there are christians who maintain a heteronormative position and believe that being gay is a sin but are not opposed to states recognizing their marriages

family courts had free rein to overturn fully executed prenuptial contracts based on circumstances that changed in the many years after the contract was signed

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