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the story has possibility and might have been well suited to the same baby boomer ticket buyers who flock to nancy meyers' films

wanted to educate students at her school about this natural disaster that occurred in december and also to show them how they could help the less fortunate

this allows the spouse with a lower income to be able to afford the same lifestyle that was maintained during the marriage

is forced to lay aside a host of cases in which the court has recognized fundamental rights in the fourteenth amendment without specific reliance upon the bill of rights

''but the issue is wrapped up in a lot of disagreement and until that disagreement can be better worked through we're honour bound to maintain the status quo

critics point to research they say demonstrates that the approach is ineffective and argue that efforts should be geared instead toward safe sex education

i am using this column to raise some questions about what it means to answer ethical questions from a religious perspective

teenagers are going to have sex and i'd rather them do it armed with knowledge on how best to prevent life long consequences such as aids or an unplanned pregnancies

philosophers and social scientists write on behalf of them and describe them as part of the wealth of each country and the means of its defence

only if i was going to something i'd ordinarily make myself up for getting prepared for the camera then filming all the time at my worst moments

laws regarding spousal abuse have made it no longer tolerated or ignored as much as it had been in the past

he was ordered to go to the police academy on 20th street in manhattan and then told to report to bellevue hospital center on first avenue

the hartwell club would affiliate with existing branches in either toccoa or athens because it would cost more for the hartwell club to stand on its own

the happy couple appeared for the first time for reporters arm in arm before a barrage of camera flashes hours after the announcement

my mate asked me the other day why i didn't make their world a heavenly paradise how i could just stand by and watch them suffer

a family intervention in 1978 rescued her from her addiction and in 1982 she helped found the betty ford clinic for fellow sufferers

this should be taught at home and schools and clearly indicated that sexual intimacy of any sort is not permissible here

62 percent of adults between 18 and 29 years old said they supported gay marriage and 71 percent supported civil unions

a prenuptial agreement is a contract signed by two people before marriage to ensure that all assets and liabilities are distributed fairly

would make religious sexual ethics virtually irrelevant to a large percentage of the segment of the public who affiliate with a religious tradition

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