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addressing a press conference on the occasion of world thalassemia day here on wednesday dr bhaskar raju along with doctors ramakrishna

it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand what it means when it says that eve was seduced by satan

a black pope could do more than break a color barrier he could facilitate a greater global understanding of a neglected part of our world

the impact of pornography on college campus life' at the center for the advancement of catholic higher education wednesday in washington dc

free expression of religion with the needs of the military and not giving the appearance or an actuality of forcing anything or appearing to force

i'm more than willing to raise them as christians with plenty of attention spent on the importance of skepticism and open mindedness

it often makes sense to bring a financial planner into the discussion and to write up a formal financial plan that will serve as a guideline

nearly a dozen athletes in austin both men and women still say they were closer to neal than to their fathers

whose children never joined other neighborhood kids in play and who often held late night multigenerational gatherings in her home

hartford republican mark greenberg released a new web ad thursday blasting a democratic congressional campaign committee opposition research book that mentions his religion

he finished his degree and returned to north abica where he now divides his time between residences in cairo and rabat

which tells the story of a family that struggles to deal with the knowledge that their son was molested by their pastor

benjamin carson is a renowned neurosurgeon who's known for performing the first separation of siamese twins joined at the head

and when you a coach and you have a guy in your locker room that is saying the right stuff and not playing

then at least you'll have retirement benefits and health insurance because it looks like you'll be leaving with just your clothes

the rhetoric against bachelorhood represented them as selfish fools who failed to contribute to society and were deluded by narcissistic fantasies

haemoglobinopathies are unique among all genetic diseases in that detection of carriers is possible by haematological and biochemical tests rather than dna analysis

the high court ruled against school sanctioned student led prayers before football games in a texas case called santa fe independent school district v

15 billion over five years to fight aids and two other diseases tuberculosis and malaria that often afflict people with aids would dwarf the

however i rather do that then to have to barter my way threw life which is sad and lazy at the same time

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