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of the most prominent and influential converts to catholicism in the history of the catholic community in the united states was dorothy day

in a way romeo and juliet were such fortunate souls because they both died when they were at the height of their passions

according to the india today survey 14 per cent women admitted to having had an abortion at least once in their lives

byu officials confirmed that students who are caught having sex on campus will be charged with honor code violations in accordance with university bylaws

this alcohol alert examines gender differences in alcohol's effects and considers some factors that may place women at risk for alcohol related problems

that of telling remarried people that they can only be forgiven if they abandon their current marriage and either remain celibate or return to their original spouse

the wedding planner cell phone number and the exact amount of shrimp that will be served during the cocktail hour will roll off your tongue like your first name

should that father be allowed to do what he pleases with the fetus as only it is a few minutes old way less than 4 hours

a 15 year old girl who was sentenced to 100 lashes for engaging in premarital sex has had her punishment overturned by a maldives court

but part of me also thinks that my focus should be on eternity and not this passing shadow of a life

it would involve rolling over debt deadlines such that dubai will be paying bills for the next 5 8 years

charlie will be taking an mba programme and without this option it would have been a lot tougher to get charlie to newcastle

the government should focus its funds to the more important anti poverty solutions for the country instead of using them for harmful or deadly devices to control the population

or pepfar had put more than two million hiv positive people on antiretroviral treatments since bush established it in 2003

i think if any of us had our phone conversations bugged people say all sorts of fantastical things whilst talking to their friends

but i have some unconventional views on sexually related matters such as masturbation and premarital sex and i enjoy studying what the bible has to say about them

three members of sheffield solicitors taylor family law department have been promoted to associate in recognition of the skills and expertise they bring to the team

saw the toll divorce was taking and decided to approach local ministers who perform 75 percent of weddings about it

we here to dispel that myth and assure you that the culpeper star exponent has programs for every budget level

and we have no objection to them protesting within the confines of the law and hope that they refrain from intimidating and harassing our patients and staff

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