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jurors have their work cut out for them on day two of deliberations in the corruption trial of former virginia gov

studies have shown that of women who have undergone fgc before having a child there was a greater likelihood of the infant dying during birth or directly after 15

black marriage day has been celebrated annually at locally sponsored events hosted by faith based and community groups on the fourth sunday of march since 2003

i would be more than happy to let my child go on a group date at a much younger age

canadian farmers have proven time after time that they can compete and succeed in the global marketplace if they have a level playing field

one evening his dad had to pay someone to buy the rest of his gruit so he would come home

the managing partner of the cochran firm's memphis office was also the longest standing member of the shelby county commission and its prior chairman

the traditional way of courting just like the boy visiting the woman's house as a show of respect isn't anymore being done

when he shows interest in her by asking caring questions or expressing heartfelt concerns she feels loved and cared for

according to a new study that shows people who don have a spouse or partner in midlife have a higher incidence of premature death than those who do

arguing is healthy for a relationship because it means that both are able to reciprocate to the current events that are happening in their world

except that such intercourse shall not be unlawful if the victim and person are married at the time of such intercourse

it can protect one spouse's separate property and prevent him from having to share responsibility for any debts the other spouse entered the marriage with

its funny how women have fought for equality yet now many such woman want to oppress men with outdated gender constructs

bahrain's opposition groups demand greater political freedoms and an end to the ruling sunni monarchy's dominance in government and political life

but those who move in together before making any clear decision to marry appear to have an increased risk of divorce

the espn commentator's comments only highlight the ongoing problem when it comes to marriage equality and other issues relating to the lgbt community

i know that there are many of us that are busy and have important things going on during our work day

the relative prevalence of presumed focal chi was calculated by dividing the number of patients with a single paternally inherited mutation

all i saying is there a reason the divorce rate is so high and it not about people getting married too soon

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