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i was on my school laptop working on an essay when i heard what i thought were footsteps on the stairs

told the presiding judge sir michael birt and two jurats similar to magistrates in mainland uk who are judging the case

michael le vell has emphatically denied 'grooming' and molesting the complainant as a string of charges were put it to him in distressing detail

but not bend to whiners and self proclaimed victims who want to short cut the system and reap benefits they never earned

but i wouldn't trade in those carefree days of summer lying in the arms of another waiting for life to pick me up and give me a good shake

my sense is that they just plan to hire folks who are willing to sign the pledge and allow the non believers to go elsewhere

some of the most heated exchanges during the 90 minute forum at the university of delaware surrounded o'donnell's past statements on hot button social issues

while a notebook can be taken anywhere and you can jot down things quickly and you can simply add the growing mound of papers to a binder

although francis will almost certainly not call for ditching the church policy of denying communion to catholics who have divorced and remarried

mandatory minimum sentences are often counter productive and end up allowing some to go free and others needlessly to rot in our jails at taxpayer expense

the censure by the vatican congregation for the doctrine of the faith continued thursday to elevate farley far beyond theological circles

then you have to set aside time every day for your children or at least every week no matter how busy you are

one of the most important things to realize is that your marine has lived at least the equivalent of 10 different lifetimes in his 32 years on earth

when news broke that jason collins was coming out as the first openly gay professional athlete in american team sports

but when terranova got a call from the glendale police saying that his little boy and girl turned up near the mexican border thursday afternoon

yusuf pathan reacts after taking the wicket of bangladesh cricket captain shakib al hasan during the first match in the world cup cricket tournament

one of the things that we came up with was the purity ball and it helped build my relationship with my daughter

it defies belief that someone with any degree of intelligence would marry a person with lana's marital history after such a short engagement and no premarital counseling

afm's marriage protection caucus is powerful grassroots strategy that organizes the bipartisan strength of citizen legislators to strengthen and protect the future of marriage

the development of an accurate and reliable biochemical test led to a remarkably successful community carrier screening program for tay sachs disease

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