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marriage has been redefined as a temporary contract that is easily severed when hardship comes or when one spouse loses that

had indicated on a survey that he would like to strip the judicial council of its role under the constitution

using this technique allows you to gain the subject's confidence and to amaze the audience before the reading has even begun

pope john paul iis sollicitudo rei socialis the social concerns of the church will keep the theologians very busy in the next week

dark eyes but the bergstrom family i am tracing has a great grandmother and great great aunt who defintely look biracial from their photographs

a session on the many forms of contraception as ways of 'safe' sex and premarital sex presented as a legitimate option if one so chooses

articles by datecommunity members putting the right touch on footballa group of guys getting together locally on the weekends to play football is just good old fashioned fun

ncaa president mark emmert said he willing to help create a playoff format to decide a national championship for the top level of college football

the bard on the beach production of measure for measure that debuted thursday night falls somewhere between a production of the play and an adaptation

seems to have been a consequence of gender bias that prevailed in the social order as families adopted the patriarchal lifestyle

a big reason why you might want to hold off filing is that a person receiving a complaint for divorce will generally become agitated

we must learn to let go of what our relationship was and accept our relationship for where it is now

gw principal george aulenbacher said he was present for the majority of the assembly and said he didn't hear any out of line comments

i thought eddie mair's interview was about the most disgusting piece of journalism i've listened to for a very long time

but it really only takes one person to pass an std to another and that one person could easily be married

i noticed there was a dynamic at work whenever men and boys would come together in the name of jesus of nazareth that was very

the whole reason that the brothers grimm wanted to preservethese stories was because they'd been passed down over so many generations and no doubt tweaked

back in 2012 a long time ago in today tech climate i wrote that we have realistic sexbots by around 2017

this movie world awareness is so wobbly that it also shows a white man merrily dragging around two black children on leashes

black's hour long set with his three piece band proved that his strength is in a live setting rather than in the studio

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