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all states limit people to one living husband or wife at a time and will not issue marriage licenses to anyone who has a living spouse

i see it as a way for the citizen to be involved in the key public affairs issues concerning him

often it's a case of deciding whether to buy a house or get married because they haven't the money for both

nearly one million massachusetts workers lack a single guaranteed paid sick day to care for themselves or a sick child or family member

i was being laughed at and it was so childlike and contagious that i couldn help but laugh at myself

i found information about navigating the legal system and discovered an inordinate number of opinion pieces about whether gay people should be allowed to marry at all

he showed up as the other other one and scared the hell out of everyone who knew the first twin

the sad thing is that parents allow their children to watch those things without realizing the impression that it makes on their young minds

two undertakers for hiding bodies to conceal the cause of death and an abortion clinic employee on charges of operating an unlicensed medical clinic and performing abortions

women are no longer shy and reticent in which today's women are being bold and as a matter of fact they openly talk about their sexual needs

the california supreme court upheld triola claim for a portion of marvin property on the basis of an express contract

alerts the fbi and roberts who claims the distinctive james bond theme song ran through his head during the heist is busted

this should be taught at home and schools and clearly indicated that sexual intimacy of any sort is not permissible here

kuperberg looked at data from the national survey of family growth from 1996 2010 and found that the same goes for cohabitators

the madras high court has ruled in a judgment that gives a new twist to the concept of premarital sex

others continued to stress the need to maintain international funding for programmes targeted at aids and to assist in the building of health care systems in developing countries

spring awakening is the musical adaptation of frank wedekind's 1891 play about a group of youths in an insular german community

said in papers filed in new york's state that they have tried for 15 years to have contact with la russa

the success of steeplechase park over its competitors dreamland and luna park stemmed from its embrace of sexuality and romance

but is he trying to keep the corinthian's from having sex or from doing something stupid like incest and idolatry

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