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tom arnold's attorney is asking that the beverly hills home and premarital earnings be excluded from their joint property even though there was no prenuptial agreement

the divorcing duo reached a final settlement in a civil suit filed by reitman in march 2006 seeking half of all assets

williams read fallon the riot act and even threw out a few suggestions for the eighth installment of the popular late night talk show skit

in a way romeo and juliet were such fortunate souls because they both died when they were at the height of their passions

garrett seems to be as much a cad as her daughter's husband and only when tragedy strikes the family is he revealed as a man with a heart of gold

the edmonton public school board agreed last week not to use the curricula and program provided by the edmonton pregnancy care centre

i don't think a pre nuptual agreement can absolve you of any financial responsibilities that getting married would thrust upon you

if you don't want your kids watching it then be the good parent you are pretending to be and monitor what they are watching

india's conservative ethos is so ingrained that surveys show that a majority of the young are inclined towards arranged marriages

the son of god said that the greatest commandment of them all is to love your neighbor as you love yourself

the most important aspect is to make sure that your foundation is strong and built to withstand whatever pressure you put on the house

the state child endangerment statute does not protect the witnesses because they were 18 and considered adults when the incidents in the indictment allegedly occurred

the door was opened for religious organizations to work with departments of human services to help clients transition from welfare to work

will be just one of the stars of the five day festival of tall ships set to begin today at the port of los angeles

the bill would amend the state constitution to include the definition so that judges or future legislators couldn't overturn it

do the parties know or question that a child is not the biological or legally adopted child of one of the parents

publix spokeswoman shannon patten said company officials could not recall any discussions between them and the town's developer monaghan and local landowner barron collier cos

you could probably get by without knowing about them but once you learn them the writing process becomes so much easier and less obstructed

they think a fair way to decide passionately contested issues is for the federal government to issue uncompromising edicts giving liberals everything they want

uncle jarod is not a girl girls who wear pants and boyish clothes aren't boys it's just that there are some men who like to wear girlish stuff

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