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schaefer faced no discipline until april less than a month before the church's six year statute of limitations was set to expire when boger filed a complaint

the pope told reporters aboard thethe pope said a responsible and moral attitude toward sex would help fight the disease

a story by the deseret morning news of salt lake city on saturday said at least five players would be disciplined

parents are looking for schools that meet the needs of families and promote strong moral values based on judeo christian teachings

1 the rights and obligations of each of the parties in any of the property of either or both of them whenever and wherever acquired or located

i read anecdotal evidence of individuals who have experienced such problems and also spend a lot of time with cybersex activities

enrich is a scientifi cally proven program that will help you make a significant impact in the lives of premarital married couples

obama for voting against bills in the illinois state senate that would have bolstered already existing rules protecting infants that survived an intended abortion

the parents are faced with the task of adapting to the care of a handicapped child while at the same time grieving for the loss of the expected child

she says she wants to talk to that 19 year old woman i not sure i have anything profound to say or even if she would listen to me

an openly gay park board commissioner has no issue with the roundhouse community arts and recreation centre in yaletown renting space to a church that teaches against abortion

hiring a miami divorce attorney is an important decision to make sure the division of assets is handled fairly and the complicated issues of child custody

who went on to make the game competitive before becoming another notch on the bad qb bedpost the following year

bride out of a tight spot with a bottle of red dye or a pigeon's giblet stuffed with blood on the wedding night

co president of the premarital sexual abstinence group true love revolution said he believes that anything that allows men to look at and fantasize about women

catholic and baptist spokesmen are concerned about the social implications of the ruling and what gay marriage in california might mean for this sacred institution

brazil's government hands out millions of free condoms each year to help prevent the spread of aids under a program lauded by the united nations

the select candidate keeps an ear out for breaking news and collaborates with other newsroom leaders in coverage and live shots

critics of minimum wage hikes argue that high unemployment rates among young workers will be driven yet higher by increased wage costs for unskilled labor

you being of hearing people praying all the time is an infringement of the freedom of religion and speech for those who wish to practice it

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