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a recent study of divorcing couples found that nearly two thirds never sought counseling before deciding to end the relationship

i am using this column to raise some questions about what it means to answer ethical questions from a religious perspective

an openly gay park board commissioner has no issue with the roundhouse community arts and recreation centre in yaletown renting space to a church that teaches against abortion

but you need to let them both know that you dont want to date exclusively at this point of your life and hell youre young

the question comes down to how much a religious organization imposes its religious values on its employees who are not themselves members of the religion

why do we not do more to investigate and proactively protect those individuals who are invested in sexual activity at this young age to the point of needing birth control

do we have nothing better to do in our own lives including my own than to judge eveyone else mistakes

god will forgive the wrong act if the person tries to put right the wrong and not repeat the wrong action

where only last week late night tv host david letterman won a round of robust applause when he admitted having sexual affairs with women on his staff

these films narrated the plight of many unwed mothers in india who became second class citizens simply because they had sex without marriage

the mother of my child and i have never gotten along really well the child was a result of a short term fling which never panned out

my boss called me up to his station and told me about the call that came in while i was away

two major league sources familiar with the mets' thinking believe that the team is close to giving up on the lefthander

served as a research assistant at the world famous national institutes of health and got his degree in microbiology from howard university

it's more productive anyway to shake off any notions of the way things should be and start making room for the way things are

i don't think she will ever be loyal to me because when it comes to me or a cultural tradition like the ban on visiting me

a man who only described himself as cutts' uncle left the courtroom complaining that the family was shoved into the far corner farthest from the window

acquisition of data on controls during the three year period 1997 99 were obtained from the medical records of relevant hospitals followed by interviewing mothers

if you think that your son will be better equipped to determine a marriage partner by being a virgin when he gets married

i was made to feel inferior as people responded to mass hysteria and hype and looked down on me for not doing it too

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