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patients were considered to have performance anxiety depending on their relative history and absence of other psychogenic or organic factors

one of the leading causes of conflicts in a relationship is a failure of couples to communicate about how they will handle their money together

although much of the nuance in the monologue on opening night was lost to a too hot sound system that mangled some words

heartbeatsarise from irritable foci from within the myocardium in either the atrium or ventricle or close to the a v node junctional beats

perhaps someday we'll find a way to actually hold students and parents accountable but they have been completely left out of the equation

you push a button for the kind of news or information you want and it comes in on your screen

the many tales of middle aged adults who cheat on spouses and the sadness this begets means sex at any age has the potential to harm

if you are shortlisted you should normally receive a phone call inviting you to an interview within 2 weeks of the closing date

censorship of the name of the holiday that celebrated by more than 80 percent of people in this country strikes me as just incredible

a business owner conscience doesn have any factor in the medical procedures of their employees but the state mandating that they have to provide medical insurance that includes a

bad planet begins when a couple of slacker alien truckers or the space equivalent thereof lose the bulbous mass they're hauling through the cold reaches of space

professor sassler found in her research that many couples with lower incomes and less education decided to move in together because of financial pressures

zack girard was 2 for 4 with a double and jake romano had a triple for the chargers 7 17 1

but majority of the people still wake up and approach a girl family and declare their intention to marry her without first considering what she feels or wants from life

make sure that you know everything you need to be responsible about sex and that your boyfriend does as well

it's long been known that there's a correlation between age at first marriage and divorce the younger you get married the first time

a spokeswoman for the palin family said friday that they had no idea johnston and his mom and sister were going to be guests on the tyra banks show

participants were asked if they a knew patients with a hereditary disease and if they b knew an affected child in a consanguineous relationship

my husband was enormously wounded and very badly effected by that experience and also by the attitude of those close to him toward our marriage

one of the main reasons the group was created was to let students who don't want to have premarital sex know they're not alone

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