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me or anybody else happens to think the code of conduct at brigham young university is out of date or unfair

marriage or cohabitation is taken intoaccount then the timing of a first union occurs at roughly the same point in thelife course as marriage did in the past

whether it is in the form of counseling with a therapist or clergy member or simply in the form of the bride and groom reading a book together

a good thing to do if you both hate cleaning is to find a day and work on cleaning different parts of the house

she knocked on ben door and he gasped in shock at the bachelorette come back from the dead to stand on his doorstep

one of her researches indicated that the percentage of people having premarital sex in beijing has jumped from under 16 in 1989 to over 60 in 2004

he's also a sceptic about the way the church deals with its sexual abuse problems and he says these guidelines will make no difference

all groups will be required to submit a plan detailing their planned recruitment and initiation activities to a university adviser

0womensenews just because female genital mutilation is declining in egypt doesn't mean that premarital sex is any more acceptable in most quarters

lutheran social services and jewish family services long ago learned to clearly separate religion from the government funded social services they provide

italian and spanish bonds slid as europes bailout fund sells notes at a yield spread almost seven times its first issue a year ago

i don know if its because i more accepting i think it taken away that part of my brain that cares what other people do when it doesn affect me

has drawn attention for her comments years ago that she dabbled in witchcraft as a teenager and opposed masturbation in a crusade against premarital sex

are outraged by the government continuing to play politics with a safe and effective form of birth control that should have been over the counter 10 years ago

it may be wise to consider your answers to these questions before you say 'yes' to sex without first saying 'i

if a man happens to meet a virgin who is not pledged to be married and rapes her and they are discovered

sexuality is then experienced as a vulnerable perversion which people must protect against abuse by others and also by themselves

this is the first time that the house of lords has been asked to look specifically at the issue of the division of the husband's future income

de la vega said in january the school district had been contacted by representatives of the dalai lama seeking to arrange a visit with students

gage a former college football coach turned evangelist has filled high school football stadiums with crusades in small communities throughout america

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