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a female grad student sandra fluke was barred from testifying at the faith based birth control hearing on capitol hill because she was deemed

the bill would provide an exemption for churches and faith based nonprofits that want to offer insurance plans that don't provide abortion services

i would like to present something that might allow both believer and non to put the brakes on and take a hard look at something closer perhaps

the pew forum poll offers an unusually detailed look at an american born religion at a time when voters are craving information about gop presidential front runner mitt romney

for many teens in the above study and everywhere the biggest problem with abuse is the isolation that keeps it going

the dying people say the sickness afflicting their families and neighbors is just the familiar consequence of their eternal poverty

women took the idea of going out of the house to work to fill up their needs as well as their family members

here the people concerned go out in group dating tied to other activities that expose both parties to opportunities to socially interact with each other and other boys and girls

and hardly anyone knows what the heck petty or nelly is saying half the time when they open their mouths

rop might not have been picked up in our current study due to these children being followed up appropriately at tertiary care centres for management

is it necessary to point out that such answers do not give a robust meaning to the phrase 'public opinion'

those supporting comprehensive sex education cse are portrayed as being hostile to any discussion of values and indifferent to whether kids start having sex at 9

many abstinence folks are opposed to the surveys researchers want to use to evaluate federally funded programs because they include specific questions about sex

gohil has been using his platform to call out hindu fundamentalist leaders who preach intolerance of gay people for their hypocrisy

you should be more concerned with running the risk of getting pregnant and having children with someone who is not wholly committed to you

one element of the social contract of the christian churches is to teach moral values to christian children in their religious schools and christian homes

these gorgeous cover girls are so made up and airbrushed into conformity that we literally can't pick some of the world's most famous women out of a lineup

and questions related a parent's possessions tend to be the focal point for conflict among siblings during the process of parental decline

she was pretty tired from having just taken an exam in her major and then packing some stuff for the ride home

i attended the baptism at an episcopal church of a baby boy born to a lesbian couple via artificial insemination

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