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they've speculated that extremely poor people tend to have lots of children because they want to ensure enough will survive to support the parents in later decades

what i think the pregnancy of palin's daughter primarily highlights are palin's and the republican's emphasis on abstinence only sex education for teenagers

i don't think you should do it until you are ready for all of the physical and emotional responsibilities of the act

army major who has converted to buddhism and sits cross legged in his office surrounded by untouched official army documents

having a team in place as mentioned above may sound very expensive yet in the long run had proven to be less expensive

and don't be so quick to assume that catholic u folks will read the city paper regardless of whether it's on the cua campus or not

a csi fan has been found guilty of murdering his wife at their midland home using criminal techniques he gleaned from the hit us tv show

you're pretty much free to rent your u haul and haul ass out of there with not too much of a glance back

after we had fallen in love our parents warned us about spending too much time with the object of our affection

the halton district catholic school board voted against allowing public health nurses into their schools to give grade 8 girls the vaccine

physical and emotional health are affected as well where there is risk for greater illnesses and emotional health issues within single parenting homes

to see parents in china protesting openly and vehemently that their children shouldn't have died in the may 12 earthquake in sichuan province evokes several emotions

perhaps your love for this person who has hurt you blinded you from the truth of how they really are

the spartans won both regular season meetings and were one of three conference teams tied atop the regular season standings

the critics may be happy to learn that these mothers are likely to suffer the consequences for the rest of their lives in the form of lower lifetime earnings

thus the people lose the ability to repent because they stop feeling guilty for their sins an have no desire to change

this trend may have something to do with the new way of thinking that it is okay for a fifteen year old to date

how could we be expected to serve god when we are distracted by pretty or not so pretty faces on the television telling us what to do and think

by january this year ms bolton received some money from the sale of her former marital home after her divorce went through

this advertisement is burning up the internet and will probably end up being featured on the tonight show with jay leno

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