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the study defines a culture as pattern involving transitory sexual interactions between partners who have no expectation of a continued romantic relationship

the palm beach county clerk comptroller's civil division is bracing for a higher than average volume of marriage license applications in the next week

women achieve higher concentrations of alcohol in the blood and become more impaired than men after drinking equivalent amounts of alcohol

engemann missed two years of action to serve as a mormon missionary and spread the gospel for the church of jesus christ of latter day saints

but also reduce welfare rolls by cutting down on the number of out of wedlock births and single parent families

earl has played trumpet and saxophone in various dance bands as a part time professional musician for most of his working years

women weren't allowed freedom when it came to expressing desire and were expected to internalise this attitude as part of their being

wave 3 troubleshooter charla young talks to the experts on how to keep your kids safe and keep them from falling into deep into debt

let's just say that pretty much the whole deck of human dysfunctions is captured in the 95mn running time of the flick

reitman sense of entitlement stemmed from his contention that he put his own acting career on hold to help elizabeth break into hollywood

several recent developments demonstrate how some american roman catholics' personal convictions on family related questions are putting them at loggerheads with their church

which stipulated that parents would not have had the right to withdraw their kids from sex ed classes once they turned 15

are public displays of affection really necessaryare you afraid of being alonebeing yourself on a dateblind datesbreaking upbreaking up over the phonebuying a diamond

ben affleck's side of the bed was barely cold by the time jennifer lopez had reattached herself legally to old flame marc anthony

perhaps it is not surprising that at least 34 per cent of all respondents in small towns agreed that porn could play some role in sex education

two men deeply in love hugging and kissing and a father who is all upset that his son is spending way too much time with another man

the cma leadership softened a proposal that it support therapeutic use of marijuana for people with diseases such as aids and cancer

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two newspapers are reporting researchers at boston university have found a degenerative disease in brain tissue donated by former nhl enforcer bob probert

would go on to run the ohio car dealers association and i would go on to do what i'm doing here

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