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all we want is for the administration to admit that and engage with us in a frank discussion of the honor code

to spend a quarter billion dollars on abstinence only until marriage programs that have already been proven to fail is reckless and irresponsible

which in turn protects inheritance rights since the husband was the property owner and his women and children were his property

but there will be glory and honor and peace from god for all who do good for the jew first and also for the gentile

so what is a single christian to do when god clearly forbids intimacy outside of marriage and yet created us as intimate beings

this suggests that teens may become locked into certain behaviors and attract that same type of characteristic or person again

those who have multiple cohabiting partners are also more likely to have children before marriage and with more than one partner

but i think we also must educate the many teens who do have sex about how to have safer sex in order to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies

have been trained to listen for candidates whistles language that goes over the heads of those who aren listening for it

faced with one bad break after another and seemingly one loss after another the wheels easily could have come off the chargers' season

the idea that wisconsin public money is going into the teaching of ars amore instead of the boring mechanics of reproduction seems implausible

if she has a partner and they wanted to have a baby together of couse she would be unwed in montana

teenagers are expected to refrain from any involvement of illegal drug use if they wish to follow the church's rules

de regul fiecare dintre cei doi ncearc s se pun pesine ntr o poziie ct mai favorabil avnd tendina de a disimula capriciile

school systems do their best to provide the best education for their students so they can achieve success in the future

the treaty defined the zones of conquest in andalusia in order to prevent the two rulers from coming into conflict

the mentioning of former students and degrading comments about women are not and never should be part of the vernacular of a man of prep

china has sent home four of its ping pong players because officials felt their preparation for the 2004 olympics was compromised by

near complete results of the referendum over gun control reform in switzerland show at least 14 out of 26 cantons rejected the proposal on sunday

anthropologists and social historians have noted that many cultures such as victorian britain or the rural areas in the modern united states

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