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Title: Melanie's Real Brit Swingers 2
Studio:  Melanies Movies
Runtime: 47 mins
Description: Ok anyone into swinging will know the name "MELANIES" if not then watching this movie will give you a massive insight into the world of swingers and now thanks to VOD these movies are ready to download NOW. Melanie wanted to make a REAL SWINGERS movie so all she did was place an ad on a website and the people flocked in - one things for sure us Brits are dirty and love group sex - enjoy this movie for download only


£4.76 / $8.95

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Swingers Party 2
the cover looks like a homemade swingers movie and the porn stars are not what you'd expect from a porn DVD but one thing it does offer is some great swingers downloads and is a must for anyone that enjoys group sex or thinking about joining a swingers club

Swingers 2 The Movie
its a more polished production with another installment with the pro-am shagfest from Sheffield's famous club La Chambre its the same theme as the first Swingers download with a series of individual single & group sex scenes in a large fuckfeast

Download Rental : £6.76 / £7.81

Download Rental : £6.76 / £7.81

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